“The sheer cost of video production has come down to a point where there are no barriers to entry. Buyers have devices that can play videos with them at all times… [and] are engaging in 100% more information year-over-year before they make a buying decision.”                                                                           Joe Pulizzi

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“Business decision makers LOVE online video because it gives them the most amount of information in the shortest amount of time.”                                          Robert Weiss

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It was only a few decades back that high-quality video recording was the preserve of the experienced video producer. This scenario has altered pretty much beyond recognition.

Even the most affordable video camera products can easily now capture live action of a lot higher standard when compared with pro equipment a decade ago.  So much so that it has become prevalent for educational institutions, commercial organisations and training bodies to possess their own video recording equipment.

Some Professional Videographer Insights

Whenever you are recording a press conference or a speech, ensure that you take notice of what's in the background. You could either relocate the video camera to obtain the most effective angle, place the subject in the front of a good background or make a fresh background for your shot. Ask yourself, does this background "support" the story creatively?" Is it really a decent backdrop for what is going to be discussed? Make sure that you frame your shots like photographs. This is exactly where creative communication and also clever technique come into play. Generally, you need to make use of the usual  framing methods as well as rule of thirds from still photography. When it comes to lighting, the very same criteria which applies to photography, apply to video production. You should always make sure your shoots are effectively lit. As a good example, don't put an interview subject with their back to the sun's rays. And please don't set them beneath a shady tree with a colourful setting in the background.

Keep your camera steady when filming. Ideally, use a photographer's tripod. Never constantly zoom in and out or perhaps pan left to right. Usually, you need to record at the very least, :10 of each shot. Permit the movement in the sequence speak for itself. You'll thank yourself as soon as you are back in the editing room. For every situation or occasion you're filming, ensure to obtain varying angles so that you'll have alternatives in the editing and final production stage.

For instance, in the event that you are filming a speech, get the very widest angle attainable (maybe on top of a property looking downward on the crowd), then get close-ups of the people's faces in the scene and after that a number of medium clips of people from the ground level. Again, remember the :10 rule for videotaping every clip.

Never use zoom for close-ups. Usually, an image loses quality as soon as you zoom. An object at the same time tends to be shakier, particularly on a freehand shot, whenever zoomed in. Therefore, whenever practical, take your 2 legs and approach whatever it is you want a close-up of. It will definitely appear much cleaner and a lot more professional.

Where's your mic? Lots of novice videographers or low-cost filmmakers do not possess the luxury of having an audio tech to carry a boom mike for them. Frequently the case in most video productions, you are counting on the mike at the top of your camera when it comes to sound. If that is the case, you will need to continuously be mindful of where that mic is relative to the sound you are striving to capture. In the event that an individual is speaking, you will want to have the camera very close to that person, otherwise it will definitely be irritating for the audience when they have to strain themselves to hear the film’s audio. The reality is that getting good sound may often determine your shot. Get to know some sound fundamentals in addition to video filming suggestions.

Learn to anticipate motion and use it to your benefit. This is one of those lessons which almost cannot be tutored.

It's a skill-set that forms naturally the more you film. Once you miss out on a number of "key shots", you will learn how to begin paying attention. A useful example of this is a tennis game. Supposing that you wish to record a competitor striking the ball, you will certainly need to foresee that split second and begin videotaping a couple of seconds or few moments beforehand. As soon as you discover the ball has actually been returned, it's far too late. You've missed out on the moment. Timelapse is just one of the more artistic and cool tactics to film an occasion or possibly story.  A long time before going out for a shoot, consider whether the story might lend itself to a time lapse shot. Several video digital SLR cameras these days are provided with super time-lapse setups. In the event that they are not, just set up the camera up on a photographer's tripod and start filming. You can always accelerate the video in the editing suite later.

Remember that you must always bear the audience in mind when producing a video.

If it's a promo clip, ensure that the key sales features are articulated clearly in both audio and live action terms.

If it's a fire safety training film like the one above, make sure that all the key fire safety training learning points are covered multiple times.

And if it's a documentary, remember to use a good mix of close ups, zooms, pans and face-to-camera shots as well.

Finally, do not overshoot and create too much content. A popular tendency for beginners is to shoot just about anything and everything. Due to the fact that these people do not understand what they're doing, these people plump for on the side of over filming. Generally, pros like have found that for every single hour of professional footage, they end up using about sixty seconds in the final film. Therefore, for ten hrs of shooting, they wind up with a first-class ten min film.

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